Staging Transforms- Dining Room Before/After

In the bustling Raleigh area, a homeowner found themselves in a fortunate position of selling their house in the highly sought-after neighborhood of Cary, NC. The house was undeniably beautiful, boasting an array of appealing features.

However, during the staging process, a I noticed that the dining room appeared smaller than it actually was, potentially dissuading prospective buyers. Recognizing the importance of creating an illusion of spaciousness, I collaborated with the homeowner to rearrange the room and eliminate a large china cabinet that seemed to dominate the area. The homeowner embraced the suggestion, making the necessary changes. Remarkably, the house was snapped up by an eager buyer almost immediately. This story highlights the invaluable expertise of a home stager. I have received training in home staging and I have a track record of helping homeowners sell houses more quickly and for more money. My objectivity toward selling balance with my kindness towards the homeowner. I understand that it is hard to sell a home and there are lots of emotions. However, I have your best interest at heart! And sometimes, even minor adjustments, such as repositioning or removing furniture, can drastically enhance the perception of space, ultimately resulting in a higher sale price!

That is exactly what happened for this homeowner! There house sold within a couple of days for an amount way over asking!